Loof Standard


LOOF standard EGYPTIAN MAU (English translation of version approved 12 June 2009)

HEAD = 30 points

  • Shape = 5
  • Muzzle = 5
  • Eyes (shape and colour) = 15
  • Ears = 5

BODY = 30 points

  • Torso = 15
  • Legs = 5
  • Feet = 5
  • Tail = 5

COAT AND TEXTURE = 40 points

  • Length and texture = 5
  • Pattern = 20
  • Colour = 15

Permissible colours:

Black silver spotted tabby, Brown spotted tabby (bronze), black-smoke, black.

  • [Category: traditional
  • Divisions: solid, tabby (spotted tabby pattern only), and silver/smoke (smoke and spotted tabby pattern only)
  • Colours: black]

Since January 2006, the black Mau is allowed in new colour (NC).

NC: new colours can be shown in cat shows but are not eligible to certificates nor take part in Best in Shows. They are judged and can obtain an excellent if the subject presented is of sufficient merit.

Permissible crosses:

Egyptian Mau X Egyptian Mau


The Egyptian Mau is a natural spotted domestic breed. This medium sized cat combining power and elegance strikes by the contrast between its short and lustrous coat and the expression of its shiny green eyes.


Medium, the head is a modified wedge with soft contours without any flat plane. From the front, the cheeks are not full, except in males who often have jowls. The nose is even in width throughout length. From the side, the forehead is slightly rounded and followed by a gentle concave curve at eye level. The nose is straight.


Neither short nor long, the softly rounded muzzle blends with overall head shape. The chin is firm, neither protruding nor receding.


Almond-shaped, the eyes are large and well-open and set at a bias without being oriental. The ideal colour is gooseberry green.


Medium to large, the ears are wide at base, rounded at tip and set rather apart following the lines of the head. Viewed in profile, they are set rather at the back of the head. The ears are covered with very short hair at the back and the inside is almost transparent. Lynx tips are accepted.


Well-defined, the neck is arched.


Semi-foreign in type, the body is medium, with well-balanced combination of power and elegance.

Shoulders are prominent and angulated. Musculature is well developed, especially in adult males which may be heavier built than females. A characteristic belly pouch, called “belly flap“, is required between hind legs.


Medium long, the legs have moderate boning and strong musculature. When standing, the Mau has a characteristic “tiptoe” stance, with hind legs longer than the front.


Small and delicate, the feet are slightly oval, almost round.


Medium, the tail is quite thick at base and slightly tapering to the tip.

Coat and texture:

Short, the coat should be long enough for each hair (in ticked areas) to carry four alternate light and dark bands, called ticking. It is close-lying. In silver and bronze Mau, it is soft and resilient to the touch whereas the black smoke has finer and silky fur.


Spotted tabby is the only pattern allowed. There should be a clear contrast between pale ground colour and deeper coloured markings. The forehead has the characteristic “M” of the tabby pattern, and the eye the typical Egyptian Mascara line.



Silver, brilliant, ground colour contrasting with black spots. The back of the ears is greyish-pink and tipped in black. Nose, lips and eyes are outlined in black. Throat, chin and nostrils are silver, appearing white. Nose leather is brick red. Paw pads are black with black around the toes and on back feet.


Bronze, luminous ground colour, fading from tawny buff to ivory on underside, darker on rump and contrasting with black or dark brown spots. Grey undercoat is accepted. Back of ear is tawny pink tipped in dark brown to black. Throat, chin and nostrils range from off-white to beige. Nose leather is brick red. Paw pads are dark brown to black with same colour between toes and at the back of hind legs.

Black smoke:

 Although non agouti, black smoke colour on the Egyptian Mau should have enough contrast to make a well-defined spotted tabby pattern plainly visible (ghost markings). The undercolour is luminous silver on ¼ of hair length, the remaining ¾ being charcoal grey. The markings on three quarters of the coat are black, in contrast with the rest of the coat. Throat, chin and nostrils are lighter in colour. Nose, lips and eyes are outlined in black. Nose leather and paw pads are black with black around the toes and at the back of hind legs.


Although non agouti, black colour on the Egyptian Mau should have enough contrast to make the spotted tabby pattern (ghost markings) visible. The coat is shiny all over.


Amber coloured eyes under 2 years of age.


  • Round or short head.
  • Pointed muzzle.
  • Small ears.
  • Round, small or oriental eyes.
  • Cobby or oriental body.
  • Short tail.
  • Spots touching each other on the body.
  • Several tarnish traces in silver.
  • Lack of broken necklace.
  • Withhold all awards
  • Lack of spots.
  • Wrong eye colour.
  • White locket or spots.
  • Pattern other than spotted.
  • Rosettes.
  • Lack of ticking in silver or bronze.
  • Glitter.
  • Red colouring in bronze, overall
  • tarnish in silver.
  • General show penalties and withholdings.

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