Origins of the cat

From the Book of Didier Hallépée “Egyptian Mau cat,” Carrefour’s net

Different species of cats

The cat is part of the family Felidae, genus Felis. The genus Felis includes the feline small. The smallest of them are called cats. The main species of cats are :

Felis sylvestris : the wild cat (European wild cat)

Felis lybica : the African wild cat (African wild cat)

Felis footwear : the cat-eared (jungle cat)

Felis margarita : the cat sand (sand cat)

Biet Felis : the cat of China (Chinese desert cat)

Felis manul: the cat manul (Pallas’s cat)

Felis nigripes : Black-footed cat (black-footed cat)

Felis catus : the domestic cat (domestic cat)

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