Cat and prehistory

From the Book of Didier Hallépée “Egyptian Mau cat,” Carrefour’s net

bastetchatprehistoireThe first small felines traverse our forests there are about 65 million years. There are about 12 million years ago appeared the first wild cats, including felis felis manul and Martelli. The felis Martelli is probably the ancestor of the European wildcat, Felis sylvestris. The Martelli felis gone there about 1 million years.
After the first ice age (900,000 years ago) became the European wildcat, Felis sylvestris. He lived in the vast forests of Europe. During the second glaciation (there are about 600 000 years), the species has spread in Asia and Africa. With climate change, the cat populations found themselves separated and evolved into different species: European wildcat, African wildcat, Chinese Cat, Sand Cat, cat-eared, black-footed cat.
These species are different but share a common gene pool enabling them to reproduce them.

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