General behavior

From the Book of Didier Hallépée “Egyptian Mau cat,” Carrefour’s net

The character of a cat varies from one individual to another , as with his human friends . However, we can identify features more specific to the breed.

A true ” clingy “

The Egyptian Mau is often referred to as a « cat – dog ». he is a real pot of glue. He does not hesitate to follow you around the house during your activities. Breakfast is a very interesting activity for him to start the day: After a long night , you are finally available for cuddling session as expected. This adorable mau cat will therefore come & climb on your lap and rub against the arm desperately trying to control the trajectory of your cup of hot coffee !

Very discreet

In the evening, watching television, you will find him huddled and sleeping on your lap without feeling you having to take him up !

Expressive :

He will often look at you intensilly , and with his eyes will share is thoughts with you. He doesn’t no meows loudly, but modulates its voice and manages to express so much.

Sometimes shy :

Some lines are more shy than others. These cats tend to shy away strangers they do not know as their immediate families . They are often acat for one person . When a visitor arrives , they might change room or take refuge under furniture . Large spaces do not appeal : they will prefer a small home that will make them feel safe though .

It is in Vesper calm that even the greatest shy come snuggle on the bed and then be caressed . Those are not there to attract the admiration of visitors . They are there to give the best of their nature to the one who has the patience to earn affection .

Often greedy :

If we compare it with the Abyssinian , the Mau is a cat that would happily sleep in the kitchen! To be fair, not everyone is greedy. But a significant proportion of them are really interested in what happens in the kitchen and ready to take risks to improve the ordinary.

A speedy :

This is not a toy ! When he plays or when he wants to escape (no, Mom, you do not give me my medication ! ), It is almost impossible to catch him. Under his belly , there is a little extra skin dangling : « the gusset » . This gusset allows him to stretch better when he runs or jumps . Thus, it can jump over two meters or run more than 50 km / h. Well, not everyone : when the pocket is full , the cat loses its agility …

Personality :

He is very affectionate , a little shy or semi- wild ( such as those living in freedom in Egypt) , the Mau has a very strong personality. It is between him and you a melee relationship of affection and respect. Impossible to ignore or disregard his wishes. The mau who wants cuddles will not rest until he has what he wants .

Whoever he requires peace respects & to convince you that you have the right to approach , talk to him, have a personalized approach with him, but will refuse the right to touch him when the status quo is not be met .

As for the one who chose to love unconditionnaly , when it comes time care he hates , he will struggle, scream , show that it could defend himself … but avoid harming you !

There are also small wild cats born in Egypt who canbe adopted . His presence and affection are such that it takes effort to remember that we can not really keep him in his arms.

Finally, this cat is very wise : his personality has soothing side. He snuggled against cats, dogs and humans and relaxes most of them by his presence. The cat is already known to be an animal ‘s personality strongly expressed . This feature is particularly salient in the Mau.

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