From fetus to three months old

By the Veterinary Doctor Nathalie Vidal- Terrier

The gestation period is very important in the life of the kitten. According BEAVER , the tactile sense appears very early in embryonic life to the 21st day .

This is essential and has an important practical significance. Early manipulation of the pregnant mother will improve tolerance kittens for this and intervene in the socialization of kittens to humans.

At birth, the kitten has a vestibular system already developed and that the internal thermal control is not yet assured , the kitten can move his mother thermotaxis

A. Hearing

The onset of hearing (although rudimentary at birth) is very early , the startle reflex prior to the opening of the ear canal .

From 10-12 days of age , the kitten is able to move in the direction of a sound.

It is from the 20th day it combines sounds and objects.

The hearing can be considered well established to the 4th week.

B. Olfaction

At birth, the smell is already present and will allow the kitten to move towards the breasts through the issuance by the mother of pheromones which will also allow intraspecific recognition.

It is fully functional and developed around the age of three weeks.

According to some it would appear even before birth because the kitten head and swallows amniotic fluid and presents flehmen from 15 days before birth.

C. Gustation

The real tasting is present 9-10 days before birth.

As for the other direction, the feeding behavior of early kitten .

The mother will introduce the first prey ( in the wild ) at the end of the first month .

D. Sense touch

It is spectacular . As we saw above, it is present from the 21 – 24th day of gestation.

Its importance goes through the relationship between the dorsal tactile stimulation and uterine contractions. The first will cause a reaction function of maternal stimuli upon which different answers fetuses.

The finger pinch reflex is present from the 24th day of gestation.

The scratch reflex is present , it would seem from 15 days before the birth and it would be the same for the crossed extension reflex.

This early sense of touch is fundamental to the feline species .

E. Vision

It is also early . Blink reflex was observed 15 days before birth.

The eye opening is made between the 7th and 10th day after birth . It was a time lag between the opening of both eyes (2-3 days).

The pupillary reflex appears between the 8 – 11th day and the kitten can move the view in its second week of life.

The complete visual maturation is completed at the end of the fifth week .

F. Motricity

Atrial muscles work 15 days before birth;

Members are very fast functional

The kitten control his claws and has an air recovery from the 20th day

He walks and climbs to 15 days from 24-25 days.

G. Development of conduct for disposal

The elimination reflex is present at birth .

It continues until the 21st day then evolves into a spontaneous elimination behavior .

The kitten begins to scrape the ground just before the first month.

Before the 40th day he buries his excrement. To 1.5 months , he began to systematically the same place, it is learning by imitation guided by the mother.

To the 50th day this development is complete.

So we see that the behavioral development of the kitten is very short which will affect the life of the adult cat.

Indeed the errors in terms of development of kittens will be much worse than the puppy for example.

This much shorter development is a constant solitary species and causes a low tolerance to changes in life and therefore a greater individual sensitivity.

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