Adopt a kitten

You just clicked on the link ” Our Kittens ” and this is probably not by chance!

Congratulations you probably are already in the spirit of welcoming in your family a wonderful spotted fur ball that will make you happy every day and extend the special relationship that man has in some ways lost over the millennia , with this noble God feline .

If you chose the Cat of the Pharaoh, Heir Bastet is that you definitely are a rare and unique human being , full of refinement and aware that owning a Egyptian Mau , is not only have a cat, it is holding i your hands a part of the history of mankind .

May be your mind is also beset by a multitude of issues like is the Egyptian Mau right for me ? And am I the right person for the Egyptian Mau ?

Know that there is no typical picture of an ideal adopter.

The Egyptian Mau is an easy going that will fit perfectly to its new family. A cat, that iwill easily adapt to young and old people , children or not , as a “one cat” or with already canine or feline companion to wait his coming …

Whether you live in an apartment or house , it will adapt to its surroundings : no need to open spaces, provided that he has something to occupy his days between cat naps and cuddling, a little rest and exercise .



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