Results of the International Feline Show – April 28,2019 – Évreux (France) (28 April 2019)

In Évreux, on 27th and 28th April 2019, held the LOOF International Cat Show organized by the Association Française du Ragdoll.

On the program: a Ragdoll special by the AFR on Saturday and an Egyptian Mau special by the AIME on Sunday.


Two of our breeders were present at this show: Nathalie GUENEAU, Cattery of the Triade des Loupiots, with Ouadjet de la Triade des Loupiots and Louxor de la Vallée du félin (bronze mau) and Alain DELLION, of the Amset cattery, with Sechem Odin (bronze mau) and his heart brother Nekomata Nagini (maine coon).


We visited them on Sunday during the Egyptian Mau special. It was the occasion to see each others again, beautiful meeting but also beautiful results that we have the pleasure to share with you


Ouadjet won her championship, her first CACIB and her special exc1.

Louxor was best variety on Saturday and nominated for best in show.

Odin also became LOOF champion. He won a best variety and was ranked 6th at the Egyptian Mau Special. Finally, during the special show, Odin was nominated for the Best in show that he lost against a black smoke, Emotion’s Nuance Nocturne said Numa, belonging to Anne Claire Montagne (3rd of the special).



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