Cime Staff

Board of directors



  • Chairwomen of the Association, Founding Member, Grandpyramid Cattery


  • Vice-Chairman of the Association, Founding Member, Legal Adviser, Mauland Cattery

• Marie VENET :

  • Secretary of the Association, Founding Member, Cites des Maus Cattery

• Marie DOLZ :

  • Assistant Secretary of the Association and Editor of the Cime Review, Galadhrim Cattery

• Grégory MOESL :

  • Treasurer of the Association, Founding Member, Denderah Cattery


Other member of Board


  • Responsable of pole “kittens adoptions” and organizer of event projects


Founding Members :

• Christelle CAILLEUX, L’Arbre Perche Cattery

• Didier HALLEPEE, Fondcombe Cattery (Died)

• Fannia JOUSSAUME, Foret Arco Iris Cattery

• Patrick Le COUSTUMER, Amiel-Goshen Cattery

• Grégory MOESL, Denderah Cattery

• Marylène ROULIER-MONLEZUN, Grandpyramid Cattery

• Marie VENET, Cite des Mauss Cattery

• Edith STAMM, Sotpe-en-Re Cattery

• Virna VERRECCHIA, Mauland Cattery


Honorary Presidents

• Didier HALLEPEE, Fondcombe Cattery (Died)

• Monica et Jim Mc LAREN, Chantina Cattery

Honorary Members

• Anne GREGORY, Beaumaris Cattery (Died)

  • Member of the Executive Committee of the GCCF
  • Founding Member of the EMC (Egyptian Mau Club UK)
  • International Judge All Breeds

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